With Power Player 1.13, users can upgrade the Now Playing experience by adding scrolling lyrics to any song in their library by using LRC files. The visualizer has two new styles and will react to device tilting. Additionally, widgets are now interactive. The app is available for downloading in the App Store now by using the link at the bottom of the post.

Add scrolling lyrics to any song in your music library with Power Player 1.13 by using LRC files (requires iCloud):
  • Tap a lyric to set the playback time.
  • Countdown timers for instrumental parts.
  • View LRC files as static lyrics in the Info view.

For more information about adding scrolling lyrics, visit:

Widgets (iOS 17+):
  • Now Playing widgets are interactive with playback controls.
  • Home widgets are interactive by playing the selected song.
  • Now Playing widget for StandBy and a larger lock screen widget for iPad.


  • Choose between two new styles: Stargazing and Space Travel.
  • Tilt your device to change the behavior of the visualizer particles.


Other Features:
  • Queue swipe actions for list views.
  • Play / Shuffle buttons for song views along with a song count label.
  • Home screen actions for opening Search and Now Playing.
  • Love or dislike a song or playlist from within a context menu.
  • Audio variant labels are displayed in Now Playing


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crash in the Home Widget for entities without artwork.
  • Fixed lyrics not being scrollable outside of the Safe Area.
  • Fixed Info lyrics scroll indicator not matching color.
  • Fixed Info lyrics loading indicator not coloring.