Power Player 1.10 features a rebuilt search with improved search suggestions along with a now playing widget. The app is available for testing in TestFlight now by using the link at the bottom of the post.

New search:
  • In addition to accessing recent searches, it is now possible to access your recent hits within the search tab.
  • Search results are loaded in the background.
  • Larger artwork for albums, artists and playlists in results overview with horizontal scrolling.
  • When tapping “See All” in a search section, the result is grouped.


Now playing widget:
  • Displays the current now playing item and opens the player.
  • Open the info screen from the widget.
  • Available in medium and large sizes.


  • New option added to hide the lyrics pane.


Bug fixes and improvements:
  • Updated list appearances to be more inline with the iOS 15 list style.
  • Fixed section headers incorrectly displaying the “See All” button.
  • Fixes a bug where images from the Apple Music API would unnecessarily be fetched.
  • Possible bug fix for crash occurring when an artist, genre, composer or album is deleted from the music library.
  • Reduced memory footprint when the app is in the background.
  • Reduced the artist image ratio to 0.7 to the miniplayer.
  • Fixed artist / album not opening from the miniplayer when the more tab is selected.

Note: New and updated tabs like Home are now iOS 14+.
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