Power Player 1.8 is updated for iOS 15 and enables the creation of playlists along with improved playback and context menu actions. The app is available for downloading in the App Store now by using the link at the bottom of the post.


Playlist creation (iOS 14+):
  • Create new playlists in-app with a title and description.
  • Add songs to existing playlists.


  • The items to play are set in the background.
  • Context menu actions for playing items next and later.


Now Playing:
  • Now Playing visualizer can be disabled in settings.app.
  • The output icon now displays Beats devices when using Bluetooth Audio and Mac devices using AirPlay (iOS 15+).


Other Features:
  • Extra large widget for iPadOS 15.


  • Navigate to albums and artists from context menu’s.
  • Share a Song, Album, Artist or Playlist via the context menu (iOS 15+).
  • Add non-library songs to library through context menu’s.
  • Improved caching and memory performance.
  • Horizontal scrolling is disabled in the Playlists root when only one type exists.


Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the finishing setup screen from reappearing when trying opening a modal.
  • Fixed the mini player from appearing when no song is playing.
  • Reduced times when the mini player is not visible while changing songs.
  • Fixed shuffle and repeat from being set to the music player’s default settings when new items are set to play.