Power Player 1.7 features a new full screen Now Playing experience with a bokeh-style visualizer. The app is available for downloading in the App Store now by using the link at the bottom of the post.


New Now Playing experience (iOS 14+):
  • The design is now full screen along with bigger buttons and text.
  • A bokeh-style visualizer that runs when music is playing.
  • A glyph of the current output device is shown like a HomePod, Apple TV and AirPods based on the device name.
  • An ellipse button is added to navigate to the album or album artist.
  • Data is loaded in the background.
  • Auto Screen Lock can be disabled when Now Playing is open. Is enabled by default.
  • When a music video is playing, a button to open the Music.app has been added.


Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a crash upon opening the Home sorting options when Text Scaling is enabled.
  • Fixed compilations with an Album Artist not appearing in the Artists tab.
  • Fixed the Appears On section in the Artists detail not appearing.
  • Fixed a case where Artist artwork would not appear in the Artist detail header image.
  • Fixed Albums not opening through the Widget when the Albums tab is open.
  • Fixed a case where Power Player asks for music permissions upon first launch.
  • Reduced situations where the incorrect Status Bar color is shown in the Artists detail.
  • Fixed a crash when tapping “Seeing All” for Apple Music playlists.