Power Player 1.4 adds support for widgets on iOS 14. The app is available for testing in Testflight now by using the link at the bottom of the post.



widget support:
  • Displays a section of the Home tab and supports all widget sizes.
  • Quickly play a song, open an album, playlist or Home section detail. Supports inline album switching.
  • Automatically rotates on the smart stack.


Siri suggestions:
  • Siri can suggest to open a Home section detail.
  • Suggestions can be used in shortcuts when “See All” is tapped for a Home tab section or the Home section is displayed as a widget.


Small visual improvements:
  • New icons for the Genres and Composers tab on iOS 14.
  • Removal of now playing parralax transition when there is only one column.


NOTE: Due to time constraints, a sidebar for iPadOS users will be added in the next version.


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