Power Player 1.3 adds the Home tab for easy music discovery (iOS 13+):


  • Recently added albums.
  • Recently played songs.
  • Most played songs.
  • Favorites with favorited songs and playlists.
  • Detailed grouping when tapping “See All” on any of these sections.



  •  Overall faster scrolling.
  • Memory management and caching have been improved.
  • Translucent elements now match navigation and tabbar.
  • Faster detail opening and closing.
  • The secondary playlist label now displays the author.



  • Artwork now appears when opening a context menu from a playlist.
  • Artwork in the miniplayer now has the correct resolution on iPad.
  • Context menu preview text will now display correctly on landscape iPhones.
  • The now playing indicator will color correctly when switching from dark / light mode with “adaptive colors” disabled.
  • Fixed a case where the now playing indicator would display when the item was not playing.
  • Cloud items are no longer played when “Show iCloud items” is disabled.
  • Fixed a case where the colored element in the albums detail would appear incorrectly when switching from inline landscape on iPhone.


I would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta.


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