With the release of Power Player 1.3, discovery is improved by adding the Home tab (iOS 13+). The tab gives an overview of recently added albums and playlists, recently played songs, most played songs and favorited playlists and songs. Each section can be expanded by tapping the “See All” button where the section is grouped for detailed discovery. In addition, various improvements have added and various bugs have been fixed.



Due to the Home tab being designed from the ground up, I have decided to add an open beta to gather feedback and find the last remaining bugs. You can join by using the link below.


Join the beta



Power Player 1.3 adds the Home tab for easy music discovery (iOS 13+):
  • Recently added albums.
  • Recently played songs.
  • Most played songs.
  • Favorites with favorited songs and playlists.
  • Detailed grouping when tapping “See All” on any of these sections.


  • Overall faster scrolling.
  • Memory management and caching have been improved.
  • Translucent elements now match navigation and tabbar.
  • Faster detail opening and closing.
  • The secondary playlist label now displays the author.


  • Artwork now appears when opening a context menu from a playlist.
  • Artwork in the miniplayer now has the correct resolution on iPad.
  • Context menu preview text will now display correctly on landscape iPhones.
  • The now playing indicator will color correctly when switching from dark / light mode with “adaptive colors” disabled.
  • Fixed a case where the now playing indicator would display when the item was not playing.
  • Cloud items are no longer played when “Show iCloud items” is disabled.
  • Fixed a case where the colored element in the albums detail would appear incorrectly when switching from inline landscape on iPhone.