Power Player has been updated to 1.2 and brings iOS 13 support:



  • A native light mode.
  • Transparent navigation bars for master screens.
  • A new set of native icons.
  • The ellipse menus have been replaced in favor of the new context menus.
  • Prominent Play & Shuffle buttons in detail screens.
  • iOS 13 users will get the native volume indicator instead of the Power Player indicator.


In addition, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed empty space that could occur when transitioning to the now playing screen.
  • Fixed the wrong artwork from appearing when the artwork still had to be loaded from Apple Music.
  • Fixed the iCloud indicator from appearing below the now playing indicator on a grid layout.
  • Shuffling now selects a random index when selecting from a context menu in master.
  • Fixed a case where the player would disappear when changing songs.


Lastly, there are little visual improvements:

  • The clear search button no longer appears when the search history is empty.
  • Column layouts no longer show additional separators when there are no more items to display.
  • Due to a layout bug in iOS 13, the tab bar will not be animated when animating to the now playing screen.


Note: This version drops iOS 11 support.


The app is available in the iOS App Store for 3,99.
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